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There is no specific medicine to prevent or treat coronavirus disease (COVID-19) as yet although it's been declared a pandemic by WHO. People may need supportive care to help them breathe in severe cases.


Stay at home if you begin to feel unwell, even with mild symptoms such as headache and slight runny nose, until you recover. Avoiding contact with others and visits to medical facilities will allow these facilities to operate more effectively and help protect you and others from possible COVID-19 and other viruses.

If you develop fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical advice promptly as this may be due to a respiratory infection or other serious condition. Call in advance and tell your provider of any recent travel or contact with travelers. Calling in advance will allow your health care provider to quickly direct you to the right health facility. This will also help to prevent possible spread of COVID-19 and other viruses.

MILD Conditions Tips

In more than coronavirus% of the cases of Corona Virus infections, patient doesn't go into severe condition and Here are tips for Mild-cases of coronavirus.

  1. Rest & Sleep as much as possible
  2. Keep Warm
  3. Drink lot of Liquid ( Warm Tea & Juices with VITAMIN-C)
  4. User Heater for Room and Take Hot shower to ease sore throat and cough.
  5. Don't take any antibiotics as it doesn't work against coronavirus.

Consult your doctor if your condition get worse especially if you feel problem in breathing.

Corona Virus Safety Tips